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Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Corporation produces pressure-sensitive materials (such as self-adhesive labels), office products, and various paper products. R. Stanton Avery founded Avery in 1935. The Avery Dennison Corporation was created in 1990 by a merger of Avery and Dennison. Avery Dennison is a considerably large company and ranks 382 on the Fortune 500 list. The Avery logo was created by Saul Bass, a graphic designer known for his motion picture title sequences.

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Acuity World

Acuity World  is a leading provider of training and coaching for business leaders, sales and marketing executives and other professionals who want to achieve their excellence in both professional and personal life.

With its head office based in Europe, Acuity World organizes personal leader development programs and open training courses in different continents of the world.

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Digital Concierge

IMAGINE putting Google, Yellow Pages and a city guide, shopping, restaurant, entertainment and what to do guide into any Mobile Phone or PDA and then adding in discounts for bars, restaurants, shopping and tourism attractions. And get all the latest information offline so No GPRS and No Roaming charges. You can also get live news, weather forecasts, flight information, real-time maps and much more. That’s DC2Go.

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Tolo Toys

The primary aim of Tolo toys is to stimulate and encourage a child’s developing mind. But that’s not all. Tolo also wants to ensure that children have lots of fun during all that developing they’re doing! The award-winning range of high-quality baby and toddler toys from Tolo is bright and appealing to every little one!

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Caleon Group

In partnership with our Asian production network, Caleon is driven to deliver high-quality products and services to every client. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers network, they are able to provide our clients with a wide range of products in a creditable and efficient way.

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Dorpo Industries Ltd.

A well-established manufacturer & exporter both in Hong Kong and China. Dorpo specializes in LCD Watch, Timer, Water Thermometer, Mini Cooler & Warmer, Radio, Memo Recorder, premium & gift items, etc.

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E-Meeting is a fast and reliable online conference application based on Macromedia Flash Media Server (FlashCom). It offers many collaborative features that will simplify your business process and improve communication. Features include a/v conference, whiteboard, share files, share mouse cursors, text chat, people list, presentation panel, administration interface, and much more!

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Etienne Ozeki

Etienne Ozeki’s first venture into retail for many years operates under the name Indigo Collective, conceived as an original and luxurious retail format to showcase the vest denim and indigo product sourced from around the world.

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Preview - Etienne Ozeki

iMaker Solutions Ltd.

iMaker Solutions Limited was founded by a group of talented professionals. With over five years concrete experience in connecting organizations to the world of e-business, our customized professional technologies includes e-Business Consultancy, Website Design, e-Commerce Solutions, Digital Signage Solutions and more.

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Preview - iMaker Solutions Ltd.

MeMo’s saccs

MeMo’s Saccs was first founded in 1996; it is renowned world-wide for its craftsmanship and stylish designed, which offers a diverse selection of women handbags and accessories.

Today, MeMo’s Saccs can be found throughout the world in more than 100 different outlets. It organizes and manages the productions and distribution of over 500,000 handbags annually.

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Royale Garden Products

The “Royale” Garden products range of quality precision garden tools are designed and manufactured for the most discerning gardener. Stringent use of premium grade materials ensures “Royale” products provide you with the ultimate in tool performance and durability, making gardening even more enjoyable.

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Yofus is a China-based Shutterfly clone. It provides online customization of photo books, calendar, cards, notebooks, and more. Users can upload and manage their digital photos and design high quality and good-looking products by using super user-friendly tools.

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Yellow Robe

A website that was launched with the intention to distribute the original teachings of the Buddha. It also points out the diversities of today’s Buddhism, and makes clear what Buddhism IS and IS NOT. Contains many writings and teachings by the late Mahasi Sayadaw, who held the Sixth Buddhist Council.

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